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Sharon Greenberg

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

AFPA Children's Fitness Specialist

Madd Dog Spinning Instructor

I pay close attention to my clients’ needs. I know that one training method does not fit all.  I understand that each client comes in with specific goals they want to achieve and it is my job to help them achieve their goals through training, education, and motivation.

Client Testimonials:


"Sharon Greenberg has been my personal trainer for the past 7 ½ years.  My initial motivation for finding a personal trainer, at age 66, was my daughter’s wedding, in June of ’06, for which I had prematurely purchased a beautiful, pale blue Edwardian style dress.  I had to be ship-shape, if I wanted to wear it.

In the beginning, every new exercise was a supreme challenge, not only because I was out of shape; but also because my brain was unaccustomed to having to move my body in unfamiliar ways.   Gradually, as with all new learning, my brain developed channels to accommodate my Tuesday morning workouts and my dress fit —just about—in time for the wedding.

Exercise is healthy for everyone, but especially one challenged with diabetes and arthritis.  Although I have both, those factors alone wouldn't have been enough to bring me back for Tuesday after Tuesday workouts.

Sharon, with her quiet manner and engaging smile is a dynamite but subtle motivator!  Always interested in her clients, she is an attentive listener, as she simultaneously chats and counts repetitions.  She seems to intuit just how much pressure to exert on flagging spirits and reminds her clients to “listen to their bodies.”  In spite of family demands, Sharon bends over backwards to accommodate client schedules."


- AE Fitness Member, training since 2006


"I have been training with Sharon for several years now, and it has become a critical piece in my own commitment to health and wellness.  Sharon is a gifted trainer who knows how to customize workouts appropriately for a client's age, health issues, and physiological realities/weak spots/injuries.  Her training is never "cookie cutter".  And she never does the exact same routine twice.  She is a natural motivator, and her personal commitment to her own fitness and well being is inspiring.  She also has a flexible approach to training that makes it work for busy people who are committed to fitting fitness into the reality of hectic lives and changing schedules.  I cannot recommend Sharon highly enough."


- AE Fitness Member, training since 2004


"For over four years Sharon has guided me to be a stronger, more flexible and balanced person. When people compliment me on my shape, I tell them I owe it all to my fabulous personal trainer, Sharon. Her knowledge of the human body and nutrition always enlighten me. She certainly knows how to push me to give my best effort, but is always mindful of my body and how I'm feeling at that moment. I may arrive with a groan, but I always leave in a sweat smiling. Sharon encourages me to be the best version of myself. Sharon rocks!"


- AE Fitness Member, training since 2009


"Sharon Greenberg has been my personal fitness trainer since 2007. Sharon is a knowledgeable, punctual, flexible, friendlyand caring professional. The workouts Sharon plans for me are always new and exciting with just the right amount of challenge. We work hard, sweat, laugh a lot and wear bikinis! I feel very fit and strong and love having people tell me I look 10 years my junior! I highly recommend Sharon as a personal trainer to all who wish to improve their health and physical fitness."


- AE Fitness Member, training since 2007
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