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MELT Method

Monday 6:30-7:30pm

Instructor: Patrice Dlugos


Melt Stock Photo.jpg

MELT employs the use of gentle tools and self-care protocols to improve the supportive qualities of the connective tissue system, scientifically called fascia as a vehicle to restore neurological stability and sensory motor control. The ultimate outcome is pain relief, and performance improvement.  The specialized MELT balls and rollers allow a person to learn gentle application and specific compression-techniques suitable for anyone, at any age. Unlike heavy compression techniques and tools that can be too invasive for those suffering with a wide array of disorders, injuries, and chronic medical conditions, MELT’s unique method employs a non-traumatizing, indirect approach to self-administered treatments using techniques similar to that of a hands-on therapist. Using active and passive methods that a person can quickly learn, these light-touch techniques help regulate sympathetic to parasympathetic tone, improve heart rate variability (HRV), and fine-tune sensorimotor control.

New research has revealed the missing link to pain-free living: a balanced nervous system and healthy, supportive connective tissue. These two components work together to provide your body support and optimal mind-body communication. MELT directly addresses these two systems of your body in a way no other self-treatment does as its focus is on restoring the fluid flow in fascia – a critical element to our overall health and immune functions. Far beyond a healthy diet and daily activities and exercise, MELT can prepare you for daily life and restore your body after any activity. In doing so, you’ll spend less time repairing your body and recovering from repetitive stress injuries. You’ll see and feel results in the first session.

The ultimate goal of MELT is to improve your body’s ability to restore balance and repair itself, which can create remarkable, lasting changes. MELT offers natural pain relief, allowing you to address the true cause of chronic pain, not just mask the symptoms. Using the 4R protocol of the MELT Restore program: Reconnect, Rebalance, Rehydrate, Release you’ll learn to identify pre-pain signals before they cause symptoms allowing you to become proactive, rather than reactive to pain and discomfort. You’ll eliminate the common culprit to pain symptoms and become your own self-care manager. Using the 2Rs of NeuroStrength and our MELT Performance program, you’ll further gain a full understanding of how to improve your joint stability and reduce your chances of losing strength and performance as you age. MELT on Demand and our vast educational resources will help you become a Hands-Off Bodyworker. You’ll learn to identify your own common imbalances and access your “inner therapist” to save you time and money seeking professional help in your pursuit to lead an active, healthy, pain-free life at any age.

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