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"Kavi" Daniel Patak

IYI Certified Yoga Instructor

ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

"Kavi" Daniel Patak is fascinated with the concept of "movement as life," holding certifications in Hatha Yoga/Pranayama, Thai Yoga and Personal Training.    


Looking to both ancient texts and modern research, he draws on the essentials of resistance training to challenge each Client's existing limitations, while weaving in therapeutic movements based in the yogic sciences to access the body's self-healing functions, which improve recovery and brain function. 


Blending psycho-somatic truths with standard fitness techniques, Kavi offers his Clients a personalized toolkit that allows them to exercise or perform restorative movement practices, anywhere and anytime. 

He wants his Clients to develop a true sense of "kinesthetic mastery," which is a verifiable form of intelligence, available to every single person, which also helps to prevent injury. 

He is committed to the principal that anyone can become calm and centered while also building muscle and losing body fat, by simply practicing mindfulness during their workout routines.  

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